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Antrocket is a collective financing platform, “crowdfunding”, where people or entities can finance their projects through online campaigns of fundraising.


Antrocket serves as a showcase to meet and support various community projects and local businesses with the mission of moving Puerto Rico forward. In Antrocket a person can search, evaluate, evidence, contact and make a direct donation to the project or cause of interest.

Who should use Antrocket?

Through the donations of thousand of people Antrocket collaborates with non-profit organizations, students, people with health care conditions, community projects, athletes and sport teams, and local entrepreneurs.

Does Antrocket support ideation?

Yes. We also support the ideation of innovative concepts and projects that provide solutions to the different problems of our country and other global issues.

 How much does Antrocket cost?

Registering and creating a campaign on Antrocket is completely free. Once the campaign begins, if there is a fee for services and one for the processing of cards (the bank) that total 7% of each transaction. This 7% rate is automatically deducted each time a person makes a direct donation. The designer after the first ten days of the campaign will begin to directly and automatically reflect each of the deposits to the bank account linked to your campaign.



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  • Crowdfunding platform | Plataforma para financiación colectiva
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