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Our purpose is to support the growth of your brand and increase its commercial competitiveness, putting at your disposal a series of consulting services that focus on optimizing the image of your product or company, marketing, communications strategies, digital tools and the promotion of your brand in general.


  • Professional advisory services in relation to strategic communications to promote your company, products, efforts, programs and efforts so that the results obtained and the benefit of the brand are highlighted.
  • Consultancy and recommendations in advertising direction with the objective of highlighting the local product, doubling agricultural production and that this agricultural production can compete commercially generating an economic increase to the island.
  • Support you to communicate in a traditional and nontraditional way those initiatives and achievements of the administration.
  • Advisory and consulting services in event logistics, marketing and advertising, of those initiatives that are part of the company's agenda and objectives.
  • Supervision and development of tools for marketing and advertising planning, logistics activities and promotion of initiatives.
  • Design of brand identity through social networks and web, graphic image and audiovisual promotion highlighting through videos and interviews the product or efforts of the company.
  • Workshops and training in marketing, advertising, public relations, graphic image, photo and video.


Business Planning | Plan de Negocio

  • Market Plan Development | Desarrollo del Plan de Mercado

Import and Export Assistance | Asistencia para Importación y Exportación

  • Identification/Research of Foreign Markets | Identificación / Investigación de Mercados Exteriores
  • Locating Foreign Distributors | Localización de distribuidores extranjeros
  • Networking/Exploring Exporting | Redes de Contactos / Exploración de Exportación

Internship Programs and Student Services | Programas de Pasantía y Servicios al Estudiante

  • Youth Entrepreneurship Education | Educación Empresarial para Jóvenes

Marketing/Sales | Mercadeo y Ventas

  • Advertising/Brochure Design | Publicidad / Diseño de Folleto
  • E-Commerce/Internet Marketing | E-Commerce/ Mercadeo por Internet
  • Identification/Research of Foreign Markets | Identificación/Investigación de Mercados Exteriores
  • Market Plan Development and Training | Desarrollo y Capacitación sobre el Plan de Mercado
  • Website Development | Desarrollo de sitios web

Mentoring | Mentoría

  • Formal Mentoring Programs | Programas de mentoría formales
  • One-on-One Counseling | Asesoramiento Personalizado

Networking Organizations | Organizaciones para desarrollar redes de contactos o ‘Networking’

  • Small Business/General | Pequeña empresa / Negocio general

Nonprofit Development | Desarrollo de Organización sin fines de lucro

  • Strategic Planning | Planificación estratégica

Product Development | Desarrollo de productos

  • Product Design & Development | Diseño y Desarrollo del Producto
  • Prototype Development | Desarrollo del prototipo

Technical Assistance | Asistencia técnica

  • Website Development | Desarrollo de sitios web
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