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Are you a business, starting or established, wondering how to comply with the necessary licensing obligations, a contractor seeking information on how to register or an existing corporation seeking to expand the scope of your business or your geographic footprint? Regardless of the situation you are in, Colmena66 is here to help you.

It is very important that you obtain the "Registro de Comerciante", since it is the official registry that the Department of the Treasury maintains on all the people who have a business in Puerto Rico, no matter its type.

Colmena66, in collaboration with the Entrepreneurs Center, created the Guide: What is a Merchant Registry and how is it obtained in Puerto Rico? You can download it by accessing this LINK.

Below you will find a list of tips / references of the licenses you will need to open your business:

     1. Sales and Use Tax Permit

     2. Single Owner Registration

     3. Registration of Corporation, Limited Liability Company or Non-Profit Organization

     4. Contact an expert to know the licenses or ordinances specific to the city where your business is .         located.

     5. You will need compensation for your workers, as well as unemployment insurance, if you will be             hiring employees.

     6. Requirements for licenses, patents and regulations specific to the agricultural industry in Puerto             Rico.

The Single Business Portal allows you to easily request and manage:

● Permissions:

      -Permission to use

      -Fire prevention certificate

      -Environmental health certificate

      -Permits Office of Permit Management (OGPe)

● Licenses

● Authorizations

● Queries

● Complaints

● Certifications

● Incentives

The Single Permit (Permiso Único), which Jaymarie Correa explains in the Colmena66 blog, What is the Single Permit? It is a useful tool that you can use to request several permits that you need to start your business through a single procedure. (Previously, the permit application had to be made separately, therefore, the process was more time consuming)

In the Applicant Manual - New Single Permit you will find the information you need to understand how it works and how to apply. Likewise, in this LINK you will find the different Permit Manuals that are available on the OGPE Single Business Portal, the page where you access the Single Permit. Among the Permit Manuals, the following are about the Single Permit:

PUI - Single Incidental Permit (Amendment)

PUI - Single Incidental Permit

PU - Single Permit (Change of Owner)

PU - Single Permit (Renewal)

PU - Single Permit (Temporary)

PU - Single Permit (New)

PCOC - Construction Permit

CUB - Location Query

PU - Single Permit - Quick Reference Guide

PUI - Single Incidental Permit - Quick Reference Guide


In the event that the link does not work for you, you must access the OGPE Single Business Portal and create an account to be able to login (Login) and download the different Permit Manuals. You will find them when you go to the Menu and there choose Procedures Manuals.