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Permits y Regulations


Every business needs permits to operate. Sometimes the idea of starting the paperwork process can be overwhelming, but don't worry. In this section you will find the information you need to request the permits you need for your business and where you can do it.


Tax Incentives in Puerto Rico and Certifications for Your Business

Tax incentives are an excellent tool to help entrepreneurs start their business, as they offer certain benefits that facilitate the process of starting or growing their business. In this section you can learn about the different incentives that exist in Puerto Rico.


Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks

In this section you will learn how to protect everything you have created that is original to your business, whether through intellectual property, patents and / or registered trademarks. It is important to learn about this since what distinguishes your business from others is what will help you stand out in comparison to the competition.

Contributions and Business Consulting

All the components of your business are essential for the proper functioning of it. However, the administration of the accounting of the same and the fulfillment of the contributions with the state is something extremely important that can help or harm your business. Make sure you have the right people helping you with this task, whether you are yourself or someone who specializes in it. In this section you will find information on how business consulting is essential and what kind of help you can look for if you think you cannot do it yourself.


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