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Website Design for Business

Website Design for Businesses

The basics of building a web page

Having an online presence is essential for your business. If you have technical experience, creating a web page personally can be an option. Web page generators are very easy to use.

If you want to have a reference point before starting, Website Tool Tester has an article that discusses what they consider to be the 10 best programs to create web pages in 2019.

Before starting

Below you will find some of the things you should consider before creating the website for your business:

● What is the purpose of your website?

● Is the domain name you want available?

● Where will you be hosting your website and what is the associated cost?

● How many pages do you plan to have?

● Who will be writing the content for your web page?

● What other type of content do you want to have? (Videos, documents, blogs, virtual shopping cart, etc.)

● Who will maintain your website?

● How do you want your website to look? (Have at least 3-4 examples or ideas in mind)

Not ready to work with creating a web page alone? You can enter the Shop + Hire Puerto Rico page where you can find a directory of Puerto Rican professionals who specialize in the different aspects necessary to create a web page. (Example: Design and Creative)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO Positioning)

What is search engine optimization? (SEO positioning)

By definition, it is the process of maximizing the number of visitors on your website by ensuring that your website occupies a high position in the results obtained by a search engine. In other words, be among the first results that come out when doing a search.

Search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, are made to provide specific traffic to your website. Traffic is divided into two types. People find your website organically, because they searched for a keyword on their own and your website came out as a result, or they are finding it through paid ads, which means that you paid to create an ad that is aimed at a visitor. specific.

How do I optimize my website?

Optimizing your website to increase organic traffic can involve the creation of content such as articles and blogs or incorporating keywords on your page, as well as adding more links and making changes to the titles and descriptions of the pages so that the engines of Search can find them more easily. For more information check this InOut article on CEO Positioning, as well as that of InBoundCycle on CEO strategies.

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Immerse yourself in Analytics

If you have already optimized your website, how do you know if the changes are working? The best way is to look at the analytics of your website. Using a free tool, such as Google Analytics, you can know who is visiting your page, which pages they are clicking on and how far they live. When you make changes to the content, especially the links and keywords on your website, you can affect how users interact with you. If you don't consider yourself a technological person, Google Analytics can be a bit intimidating and overwhelming. Fortunately, the Google Analytics Academy can help you navigate through the process, set up your account and decrypt the data.