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Public Relations

Good public relations aims to raise awareness about your brand, while increasing your credibility in the process.

How to Write a Press Release

There are many models available to help you when you want to write a press release. Essentially, all press releases must be written in the inverted pyramid format. This means that the key and important information goes to the beginning and all the supporting information follows. Another key component of a press release is your call to take action. Make sure your call is clear to the target audience. For more information, see the Sharp Spring article of the 9 steps to write the perfect press release.


Who to Contact

You have just published a striking press release about the launch of your new product - good job! Now comes the complicated part, contact the media. Contacting them can be difficult, especially when you are determining who you should contact. For more information see the Portoimelda article on How to make a press call that attracts journalists.


Good customer service and public relations go hand in hand. When someone interacts with your brand, online or directly, it is a good public relations practice to respond quickly and in the most diplomatic way possible. Maybe someone is dissatisfied with the quality of the product you just sold and have turned to social networks to let off steam with your followers. It is important to remember two things if you find yourself in this situation: first, the customer is always right; Second, not taking action is taking action. Answering the customer dissatisfied publicly and apologizing, even if they were wrong, show your audience and the world that you are willing to take responsibility for your mistakes.