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Email Marketing

The Power of Email Marketing

Get an Email List

Although it may seem obvious by the title, email marketing only works if you have an email list. Sounds pretty simple, right? Now, how do you do to get a list of emails? Maybe your first instinct is to pay someone for an email list. However, that idea has three major flaws:

1. You will have no idea where those emails came from.

2. You will not know how they were collected.

3. If people do not know about your company, there is a higher probability that they will not read the content or simply not open the message upon receipt.

The safest way to create the list is to collect email addresses personally, through events, a form on your website or by distributing promotional material, such as brochures or business cards.


Segment your List:

You already have your business open and operating and you have compiled a list of loyal customers who are eager to know about what you bring or incorporate into your business. One of the first actions you should take with this valuable list is to segment it in a way that makes sense to your business. You can segment it manually, or let subscribers get into specific groups when they sign up. Some common ways to segment marketing lists are by:

● Geographic Location

● Profile

● Behavior

● Content Interests

Types of Email Campaigns

There are many different types of email campaigns to consider. It is a good idea to start by choosing only a few types, therefore, start with reduced efforts, gradually trying new strategies. This will help you measure which are the most effective and then increase the effort of the most effective. The 10-key article for an email marketing campaign can give you a better idea of what an email marketing campaign implies.


Designing Email Content

Using a system created specifically to facilitate the design and sending of emails can be the easiest, and therefore convenient route, when you start doing mass email campaigns. Among the best known is MailChimp, however, there are several alternatives that offer similar tools. You should keep in mind that the larger your list and the intentions you have for the campaign, the more expensive the systems you plan to buy.



Most people, regardless of whether they fall within your demographic objective or not, are driven by incentives, flashy news and the fear of missing something. You can use this to create more striking subject lines by email. Select words that automatically attract attention and attract people. Keep in mind that customization is key. The more you can customize the content of your email, the better it will be received by the target audience you have.

MDirector offers advice on how to optimize your email marketing campaigns with dynamic content.

Doppler created an effective email marketing guide: The ABC for creating effective campaigns. MailChimp has an article with similar content: Create an email campaign.


The next step in the email marketing process would be testing, which is known in English as AB Testing. You can do this in several ways: trying different designs, words or colors. Start by making a hypothesis and get carried away by it. Choose one variable per test, therefore, only one thing that will change per test. For example, you could send an email with a blue button to the middle of your list and a red button to the other half. Then, you can analyze the number of clicks after sending the email to determine what color you should continue using with your audience.

The frequency with which you should send emails to your audience depends on the type of campaign you are using. For example, welcoming someone who has signed up to receive your weekly newsletter or newsletter would typically be done with just one email. If you send five similar emails welcoming a new customer, they are more likely to delete the subscription. You can test the best days and times to send messages to your audience using analytical programs on the web and the tool you choose to send campaigns.

Following the Laws

Something very important to remember when you are starting massive email campaigns is to provide an easy way for people who want to unsubscribe to receive your messages, can end their subscription.