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Marketing through Social Networks

Using Social Networks for Your Business

Starting with Social Networks

Using the power of social networks to increase public awareness, as well as consideration for your business, can be extremely effective. However, you may wonder where to start and what resources are available to guide you through constantly changing technology. We have extracted several resources so that you learn about the basics and that you are on the right path.


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Youtube & Google+:

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Handle Content

Before publishing your next status update, you should do the following:

● Choose topics in which you think your business could be considered an expert

● Create a content calendar

● Keep your copy short and concise

● Take advantage of the "tags" and "hashtags"

● Customize the descriptions of your posts with keywords*

● Play a little with the frequency of your posts, as well as the hours

● A golden rule is to share content that invites, involves, educates or entertains your audience. Be sure to make a call to take action that is clearly directed at your audience. They should know immediately if you are asking them to sign up, learn more or if you simply want to share some news.

*Reminder: The keywords will be the tools that will help the client to distinguish the brand of your business from the competition. Similarly, repetition is also key, as it will help solidify that association between the brand and the business. In other words, you will be solidifying the brand or slogan that you want customers to associate when they interact with the keywords or the type of messages you are sending.

With the help of the Parallel18 team, we identify 3 resources that can help you learn about marketing strategies and how to organize your content. They are not free, but if you are willing to make the investment, here they are:

Social Sprout


Social Media Examine

After you have set up your accounts on social networks and have an audience following you, you should be testing and modifying the frequency and types of content you publish. Be sure to set certain goals from the beginning and check as time goes by if your marketing efforts are yielding the results you had anticipated. By measuring the effectiveness of different marketing efforts through publications, you will have a clearer idea of where you should invest your efforts regarding content; What interested your audience and what didn't. Some tools that could be useful in this process of managing and measuring your progress are:

Google Analytics

Monitoring Tools

Social Network Management


Certificactions and Educational Opportunities 

Do you want to increase your skills and learn more about social networks by taking a course? If you are willing to invest an additional amount of time and money, look for a course related to marketing and sales through social networks based on the needs of your business. Many are online, which makes them extremely accessible if you don't have a flexible schedule and you need the course to be.


Likewise, if you want help in the process of learning about social networks and how to use them for the benefit of your business, request a Personalized Action Plan, in which you will be connected with a resource that can help you develop the skills you are looking for learning or strengthen.