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The Brand of Your Business

Your brand is important; It is the identity of your business. While you know all the details that concern your business, your brand is what people, being abroad, can appreciate. It is more than the colors or elements that make up your logo. Your brand must convey your purpose, passion and commitment to service.

Having a clear idea of your brand is essential before you start planning other marketing strategies. Below is a useful exercise to help with the branding process. We recommend that you fill it out, print it and put it in an area where you can see it every day. On many occasions, especially when it comes to marketing strategies, it's easy to forget what you already know about your audience and what you're looking to achieve. You can also repeat this exercise with other marketing campaigns.

Is Important you identify these 6 concepts on your campaings:

● Target Brand Market - who are the people who most likely get involved and interact with your online business? What profile of people is your product aimed at (children, youth, students, professionals, the elderly, etc.)?

Purpose - what do you expect to do / get from these people? (increase exposure, sell something, get customer feedback on your business, etc.)

Strategy - Convince ______ to buy ______ instead of _______ because _______.

Knowledge and Perception - what knowledge do you have about your audience? (Any demographic study you have done on your target market goes in this section)

Legitimacy - Why should your audience believe in what you tell them about your business? (Have you been awarded any prizes or have you received extremely positive comments about your business?)

Character of your Brand and Voice - What will be your audience's perception of your brand online? If your brand were a person, how would they sound? (funny, attentive, affectionate, knowledgeable, adventurous, etc.)

Somehow, the way your brand is perceived affects the search engine optimization.

Customer profile

Creating customer profiles around your audience can be a smart way to differentiate between your customer segments, making it easier for you to create marketing campaigns aimed at a specific customer, promoting your brand. Learn more about the segmentation of your lists and the type of marketing campaigns in the Email Marketing section.

When it comes to customer profiles, the goal is to look for the key differences between the people you consider customers. For example, if you own a jewelry store, you may have the following profiles: “Carlos the fiancee” or “Isabel who is always in fashion”.

      ● Carlos the fiance can be approximately 30 years old and likes to buy clothes for his girlfriend, but        is limited by his budget, so he only buys jewelry once a year.

     ● Isabel who is always in fashion may be in her 50s, is a person with money, elegant and buys                  jewelry several times a year.

Marketing messages, as well as how your brand interacts with both people, must differ greatly. Profiles are not something you share with your audience, it is rather an internal tool to help you better understand who you serve and why. In the same way, you must take into account the client's profile when choosing the medium where you will be sharing the message. For example, if you are sending a message to young people, it is usually more effective to use instagram or twitter. On the other hand, if you are looking to send a message to a professional audience, it would be better to use a platform like LinkedIn.