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Marketing and Sales

'Branding' and Public Relations

Every business needs something that distinguishes it from the competition. This is what branding is about, since it is the letter of introduction of the business, which helps the clientele to identify it. In this section you will find information about the importance of your brand and how to attract people using it. There is also information on how public relations can help you in this task of attracting customers using your brand.

Marketing through Social Networks

Social networks are extremely essential in these times, which is why not using them could affect your business. This is why you should see this section so that you discover what marketing strategy may be appropriate for your business using social networks.

Email Marketing

Email is used daily in the workplace. This is why it is a key tool that you can use in a way that benefits your business. In this section you will find different strategies of email marketing campaigns.

Website Design for Business and Search Engine Optimization (SEO Positioning)

In this section you will find information about the importance of a web page for your business, different tools that you could use to create it and what strategies to optimize the page so that you get as much customer traffic as possible.

Cyber Security

Although it may not seem like it, cyber security is a must for your business. In this section you will find information about what cyber security is and how it is essential to protect the sensitive and important data of your business.

Business E-commerce and Guide to Set Up Your Online Store in Puerto Rico

Regardless of whether you have a physical business or not, setting up an online store has many advantages, since people can access your products or request your services from the comfort of their home, work or wherever they are. That is why, if you are interested in entering the online sales market, we invite you to read the Guide to Assemble Your Online Store, where you will find an exhaustive list of the steps you should take to do it.


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