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Build an E-Commerce Business

The way in which business is done has changed dramatically since the beginning of the internet. With just a few hours, you can set up a virtual shopping cart and start selling to the world. While this trend continues to grow, your small business is competing for sales on the web, whether you realize it or not.

Making the leap to sell your products or services online can be the next step in growing your business. This is why in Colmena66 we set out to investigate and document everything you need to know to set up your online store.

Make Your Online Store

How can I make an online store? Can I sell anything on these platforms? What are the permissions? What type of corporation do you recommend? These and other questions are answered in this guide, followed by the steps with “screenshots” and links that you can follow and access so you can set up your online store. At the end of the guide, we include a glossary so you can familiarize yourself with the terms of this e-commerce.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I set up my online store?

To start setting up your online store, you must first follow a few basic steps to understand the process involved in entering this market. Permissions are required so that you can operate legally, such as, for example, trade name and registro domain 'registration.

How do I know that my product can be sold online? 
In order to sell your product online you must first ask yourself these basic questions that will help you delineate your target market:

● What market do you want to target and what is your ‘individual buyers’?

● What is the need of the market I want to reach?

● What is my competition?

● How can I get to that market?

● When should I launch my product?

● Where should I sell my product? Online or in a physical place?

(The answers you get from this analysis will help you understand how you can better manage the sale and positioning of your product to sell it correctly.)

Which platform is better for my product?

Although there are several platforms to create your online store, we will show you the benefits and tools that each have for different types of business and recommendations based on the concept of sale or product you want to sell.

Can I use Dropshipping for my online store?

Dropshipping is a business model that has been booming in recent years, but although it seems an easy concept to implement, it is not necessary for all businesses. Later we will explain the ‘Pros and Cons’ of this alternative for your store.

What permits do I need to set up my online store?

Although there are several permits that you will have to acquire to legally operate your store, the minimum you need to sell your products would be the Merchant Registry. The other permits would be:

i. Application for Home Use Permit

ii. Endorsement of Firefighters, Health and Categorical Exclusion

iii. Coworking Spaces

iv. Municipal Patent

(In the Steps to Assemble Your Online Store we will provide the procedure to request each permit)

What kind of corporation do you recommend me to do for an e-commerce?

According to Business Squad SOS, it is recommended that you start your online business with a DBA. Although you can choose any corporation. Later we will explain the legal structures for business so that you choose the best one for you.