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A s technology has grown and evolved at such a high rate since the late 90’s, it is time to pave the way once again by merging the human touch with AI to improve the online consumer experience.

T his is a can’t miss event! Spaces are limited, so be sure to reserve your spot today!

At the E-Business Day, our main objective is to create a high end B2B event that will:

– Inform top level executives and business owner’s about new E-Business opportunities and trends in order to gain a wider sales market and an increase in sales.

– Teach companies how to use technology and media to achieve greater visibility and reach more potential customers, on a global scale.

– Avoid business digital stagnation by humanizing the consumer experience and improving customer success.

The first ever E-Business Day took place at the Caribe-Com Technology and Telecommunication Convention in 1998 out of a necessity to educate businesses about how technology and digital advancements would shape commerce. The internet was just taking off, serving as the perfect moment to share:

– the many opportunities businesses would have to reach more people globally.

– the variety of ways this new digital medium would help companies increase revenue.

– the different types of platforms available (online shopping, information, telecommunications) to reach and interact with customers anywhere, at any time.

Join us at Microsoft on Thursday, March 14, 2024!


Microsoft, City View Plaza
48 Carr 165, 5th Floor
Guaynabo, 00968 Puerto Rico
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+1 787-641-9596
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