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Mujer Emprende Latina

Nonprofit organization led by women executives and entrepreneurs whose mission is to provide tools and education to other women so that they can achieve economic independence, connect effectively, grow professionally and boost their business.


#MujerEmprendePR | #MujerEmprendeLatina was born of the genuine desire of five businesswomen and executives from San Juan, Puerto Rico to help every woman to have access to education, tools and resources to undertake without her economic condition. It all started with the idea of a first workshop in March for being Women's Month and, to the surprise of these adventurous women, the demand and assistance exceeded their expectations.


From that moment they decided to create a non-profit organization focused on providing workshops, orientation and dynamics of "networking" so that every entrepreneur is educated, connected and grows as the slogan of our organization says. Mujer Emprende is distinguished by the energy of its mentors and by the connection they create with their audience and followers.


Each event is special, a fun and educational experience for the attendees. One of the events that makes ME popular is the Conecta and Crece, better known as CC. They are dynamic "speed networking" style where each participant has 2 minutes and 30 seconds to present their product and then rotates until connecting with each guest at the event. The dynamics are made to the rhythm of DJs and cocktails.


I believe that doing business does not have to be complicated or boring. Another feature that highlights ME are the weekly capsules that upload their 5 mentors to the Facebook Fanpage where they guide on the multiple aspects of starting a business or being an entrepreneur.


Entrenamiento/Capacitación | Training

  • Business Plan Training and Assistance | Capacitación y Asistencia sobre el Plan de Negocios
  • E-Commerce/Internet Marketing | E-Commerce/ Mercadeo por Internet

Organizaciones para desarrollar redes de contactos o ‘Networking’ | Networking Organizations

  • Demographically Based | Determinado por los datos demográficos
  • Geographically Based | Determinados por criterios geográficos
  • Home Based | Negocio basado en el Hogar
  • Industry Specific | Específico a la industria
  • International Trade | Comercio internacional
  • Small Business/General | Pequeña empresa / Negocio general

Plan de Negocio | Business Planning

  • Business Plan Consulting, Development and Review | Consultoría, Desarrollo y Revisión de Plan de Negocio

Servicios Legales | Legal Services

  • Forming a Business | Desarrollando un negocio
Primary ContactKaren Oliver
AddressHato Rey
San Juan, PR 00917
Phone(787) 633-6106