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El Nodo

El Nodo is the entrepreneurship development initiative which seeks to turn the historic downtown of Ponce, Puerto Rico into The Hub of entrepreneurial activity for Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.


El Nodo is the first project of its kind taking full advantage of adaptive reuse practices, having all of its activity housed in historic and architecturally valuable properties - placing the old at the service of the new! 

El Nodo seeks to create a broadband "bubble" that provides high speed connectivity to promote the development of business projects. Within this "bubble" there is a multi-sectorial entrepreneurial development array of initiatives that have technology at their core and that will feed and benefit from an organized programmatic offering of business development programs that includes continuous mentoring, coaching and collaborative assistance that results in progress and growth for participants, as well as custom-designed complementary components to strengthen the ecosystem and increase the chances of successful commercialized projects.

Through its partnerships with existing organizations like Ponce Young Entrepreneurs Initiative (PYEI), Centro Para Emprendedores, Grupo Guayacán, Engine-4 IoT Labs and Inversión Cultural, El Nodo has become the official driver for connection between all programs and assists projects in their development process. El Nodo will begin to offer, alongside the Municipality of Ponce, a co-working space and shall continue to develop the regions as needed through incubators, business growth, and shared living and working spaces. 



TRAPICHE, Acceleration Mentoring

Apply if your business or company is in the following stage(s):

  • Stage 1 - Idea | Concept
  • Stage 2 - Proof of Concept | Prototype | Market entrance
  • Stage 3 - Launch

In this initiative they will have experts in the following business topics:

  1. Intellectual Property
  2. Finance & Financing Options
  3. Sales & Marketing
  4. Strategic Planning

The virtual mentoring sessions will take place every two weeks and will provide mentoring in individual shifts to a maximum of three companies or startup projects per session. Each company or startup will have 20 minutes to make their presentation (the format for the same will be provided), followed by 35 minutes of mentoring and exploration of possibilities.

Those interested must fill out an application to participate in the program. The application can be found at the following link:


Acceso a Capital y Asistencia Financiera | Access to Capital and Financial Assistance

  • Budget, Financial Statement and Cash Flow Training | Capacitación en Presupuesto, Estado Financiero y Flujo de Caja
  • Financial Assistance for International Trade Shows | Asistencia financiera para ferias internacionales

Apoyo al Estudiante Emprendedor | Entrepreneurship Support for Students

  • Internship Program | Programa de Pasantía
  • University Entrepreneurship Education & Support | Educación y Apoyo Empresarial para Estudiantes Universitarios

Asistencia para Importación y Exportación | Import and Export Assistance

  • Networking/Exploring Exporting | Redes de Contactos / Exploración de Exportación

Asuntos Gerenciales | Management Issues

  • Human Resources | Recursos Humanos
  • Leadership/Professional Development | Desarrollo Profesional y de Liderazgo
  • Recruiting Assistance | Asistencia para Reclutamiento

Comenzando un Negocio | Starting a Business

  • Business Research Resources | Recursos de Investigación de negocio
  • Feasibility Studies | Estudios de viabilidad
  • Forming a Business | Desarrollando un negocio
  • Home-Based Business Training | Capacitación sobre Negocios Basado en el Hogar
  • Site Location | Ubicación del sitio
  • Startup Business Counseling | Consejería de Negocios ‘Startup’
  • Startup Classes | Cursos para ‘Startups’

Desarrollo de Organización Sin Fines de Lucro | Nonprofit Development

  • Strategic Planning | Planificación estratégica

Desarrollo de Productos | Product Development

  • Patent Information | Información de Patente
  • Product Design & Development | Diseño y Desarrollo del Producto
  • Prototype Development | Desarrollo del prototipo

Desarrollo Económico y del Sitio | Economic and Site Development

  • Revitalization | Revitalización
  • Site Location Assistance | Asistencia en la Ubicación de un Negocio

Entrenamiento/Capacitación | Training

  • BBudget, Financial Statements and Cash Flow Training | Capacitación sobre Presupuesto, Estado Financiero y Flujo de Caja
  • Business Management Training | Capacitación en Administración Empresarial
  • Business Plan Training and Assistance | Capacitación y Asistencia sobre el Plan de Negocios
  • Startup Classes | Cursos para ‘Startups’

Mentoría | Mentoring

  • Formal Mentoring Programs | Programas de mentoría formales
  • One-on-One Counseling | Asesoramiento Personalizado
  • Peer Mentoring | Mentoría entre pares

Mercadeo y Ventas | Marketing/Sales

  • Advertising/Brochure Design | Publicidad / Diseño de Folleto

Oficina, Incubadora, Laboratorio, Cocina y Sala de Reuniones | Office, Incubator, Laboratory, Kitchen and Meeting Space

  • Accelerator | Acceleradora
  • Conference/Meeting and Event Space | Espacio para Conferencia / Reuniones y Eventos
  • Coworking Space | Espacio de trabajo compartido o ‘coworking’
  • Office Space | Espacio de oficina
  • Site Location | Ubicación del sitio

Organizaciones para desarrollar redes de contactos o ‘Networking’ | Networking Organizations

  • Demographically Based | Determinado por los datos demográficos
  • Geographically Based | Determinados por criterios geográficos

Plan de Negocio | Business Planning

  • Business Plan Consulting, Development and Review | Consultoría, Desarrollo y Revisión de Plan de Negocio
  • Feasibility Studies | Estudios de Viabilidad
  • Identification/Research of Foreign Markets | Identificación/Investigación de Mercados Exteriores
  • Market Plan Development | Desarrollo del Plan de Mercado
  • Market Research - Investigación de mercado

Políticas Públicas y Relaciones Gubernamentales | Public Policy and Government Relations

  • Hispanic Business | Negocios Hispanos
  • LGBT Business | Negocio LGBTT
  • Puerto Rico Business Issues | Temas Empresariales de Puerto Rico

Recursos Humanos | Human Resources

  • Employee Development, Hiring and Policies | Políticas para el Desarrollo de los empleados y Contratación
Primary ContactJaime Yordán Frau
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