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Centro Empresarial para la Mujer

Contact Information

Wanda Vega Rosado
Phone: (787) 805-4500

Service Description

The Program provides women entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop or strengthen their businesses. Educational activities have been designed to help you learn through practice. Likewise, they lead to the establishment of alliances with other women entrepreneurs, to share information about available support resources and the identification of sales opportunities and market of their products or services.

What does it consist of? Initial Orientation Sixteen (16) training sessions; Individualized support sessions; and Business Activities

Requirements: Have a clear business idea or an already established business that you want to strengthen; Demonstrate the skills and knowledge needed to produce or produce the product or offer the service to which the business will be dedicated or dedicated; Complete the application for admission of the Program; Have the ability, determination and availability to develop or strengthen your company; Attend all 16 training sessions; Be available for individual support sessions, according to the work plan that is designed for each participant.

Services Offered

Office, Incubator, Laboratory, Kitchen and Meeting Space | Oficina, Incubadora, Laboratorio, cocina y sala de reuniones

  • Conference/Meeting and Event Space | Espacio para Conferencia / Reuniones y Eventos

Public Policy and Government Relations | Políticas Públicas y Relaciones Gubernamentales

  • Puerto Rico Business Issues | Temas Empresariales de Puerto Rico

Regulatory Compliance | Cumplimientos con Regulaciones

  • Government Requirements | Requisitos del gobierno
  • Registration, Licenses and Permits | Registros, Licencias y Permisos

Training | Entrenamiento/Capacitación

  • BBudget, Financial Statements and Cash Flow Training | Capacitación sobre Presupuesto, Estado Financiero y Flujo de Caja
  • Bookkeeping/Accounting Software Training | Capacitación sobre Contabilidad y uso de programas ‘Software’ de Contabilidad
  • Business Management Training | Capacitación en Administración Empresarial
  • Business Plan Training and Assistance | Capacitación y Asistencia sobre el Plan de Negocios
  • E-Commerce/Internet Marketing | E-Commerce/ Mercadeo por Internet
  • Home-Based Business Training | Capacitación sobre Negocios Basado en el Hogar
  • Marketing Plan Development and Training | Desarrollo y Capacitación sobre el Plan de Mercadeo
  • Startup Classes | Cursos para ‘Startups’
  • Trade Education and Training | Educación y Capacitación sobre Comercio