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Centro Empresarial para la Mujer | Fundación Sila M. Calderón

The Business Center for Women promotes the development and growth of women's businesses in the western area of ??Puerto Rico, through training, support and technical assistance.


The Business Center for Women aims to promote entrepreneurship among women as a source of economic development and job creation. For this, the Center offers business training, community outreach, and support and counseling.

Business Training Program for Women • Aimed at women who want to obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to develop or strengthen their business initiative. • It consists of training sessions, technical support and business activities. • You learn how to make a business plan, business organization models, legal aspects of a business, marketing, finances and resources.

Individualized Counseling and Support The support and counseling sessions are aimed at entrepreneurs with business ideas or established businesses who wish to strengthen themselves in technical and / or managerial areas.


Asistencia Técnica | Technical Assistance

  • Commercialization | Comercialización

Comenzando un Negocio | Starting a Business

  • Business Research Resources | Recursos de Investigación de negocio
  • Feasibility Studies | Estudios de viabilidad
  • Forming a Business | Desarrollando un negocio
  • Home-Based Business Training | Capacitación sobre Negocios Basado en el Hogar
  • Registration, Licenses and Permits | Registros, Licencias y Permisos
  • Site Location | Ubicación del sitio
  • Startup Business Counseling | Consejería de Negocios ‘Startup’
  • Startup Classes | Cursos para ‘Startups’

Entrenamiento/Capacitación | Training

  • BBudget, Financial Statements and Cash Flow Training | Capacitación sobre Presupuesto, Estado Financiero y Flujo de Caja
  • Bookkeeping/Accounting Software Training | Capacitación sobre Contabilidad y uso de programas ‘Software’ de Contabilidad
  • Business Management Training | Capacitación en Administración Empresarial
  • Business Plan Training and Assistance | Capacitación y Asistencia sobre el Plan de Negocios
  • E-Commerce/Internet Marketing | E-Commerce/ Mercadeo por Internet
  • Hazardous Waste Generation Avoidance Training | Entrenamiento para evitar la generación de residuos peligrosos
  • Health & Safety Training | Entrenamiento de Salud y Seguridad
  • Home-Based Business Training | Capacitación sobre Negocios Basado en el Hogar
  • Human Resources Training | Capacitación del Recurso Humano
  • International Trade Training | Capacitación en Comercio Internacional
  • Marketing Plan Development and Training | Desarrollo y Capacitación sobre el Plan de Mercadeo
  • Startup Classes | Cursos para ‘Startups’
  • Trade Education and Training | Educación y Capacitación sobre Comercio

Mentoría | Mentoring

  • One-on-One Counseling | Asesoramiento Personalizado
Primary ContactMyrna Vazquez
Phone(787) 805-4500