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Área Local de Desarrollo Laboral Norte Central-Arecibo

El Área Local de Desarrollo Laboral Norte Central administers all federal funds under the WIOA Act in Puerto Rico. The Área is committed to increase access to employment, education and training opportunities that individuals need to be successful in the labor market.


Área Local de Desarrollo Laboral Norte Central  aims is to:

  • increase access to education, training and employment, particularly to people with barriers to employment.
  • Create a system of high quality labor development, aligning investment systems in the workforce, educational and development of the workforce.
  • Reduce dependency, meet the needs of the employer and improve the productivity and competitiveness of the participants.

The Centro de Gestión Única Laboral (CGU) is the access point where all the necessary information in the search for employment is linked. Its purpose is to impact the young and adult population by offering the necessary help services for the development of the working force. Provide, according to the needs of the individual, the necessary training to obtain, maintain and progress in employment. The CGU offers a coherent network of training services and the knowledge of available jobs that will help the individual to establish and achieve the work goals.

Among the goals of the CGU are the following: 

  • Increase employment, retention and guarantee of participants
  • Increase productivity and competitiveness
  • Reduce dependence on public welfare
  • Improve the quality of the working force
  • Provide working employers with skills the CGU provides a revitalized system that benefits both employers and participating individuals:
  • Help in finding a job
  • Referrals of job offer and advice
  • Orientation on how to get a job and keep it
  • Provide participants with information on vacancies in the labor market and follow-up service for a minimum of one year after obtaining employment.


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