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AARP Foundation SCSEP Program

AARP Foundation launched the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) more than 45 years ago to help low-income and unemployed people gain on-the-job training experience and find permanent work.

Marlyn Rios
1607 Ave. Ponce de Leon
Suite GM10
San Juan, PR 00909
Phone: (787) 723-4404
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Acrecent Financial Corporation

Provides alternative financing to middle market businesses in Puerto Rico and Mexico. Provide flexible financing solutions to help grow your business. The transactions range between $500K and $5million, but they are flexible.
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James Connor
Metro Office Park 17 Road No. 2
Suite 640
Guaynabo, PR 00968
Phone: (787) 706-9292
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Advent-Morro Equity Partners

Advent-Morro Equity Partners is Puerto Rico’s leading private equity investment firm. Since starting operations in 1989, it has invested in over 50 companies. The firm focuses on investing in or buying companies in growing industries with $5M-$20M in revenues & operating cash flows ranging from $1M-$5M Its preferred equity investment size ranges from $5M to $10M.

Cyril Meduña
Banco Popular Building, Suite 903
206 Tetuan St., Old San Juan
San Juan, PR 00902
Phone: (787) 725-5285
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Our purpose is to support the growth of your brand and increase its commercial competitiveness, putting at your disposal a series of consulting services that focus on optimizing the image of your product or company, marketing, communications strategies, digital tools and the promotion of your brand in general.

Gladiris Lopez
PO BOX 2206
Guaynabo, PR 00970
Phone: (787) 430-1380
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Agroempresarias de Puerto Rico

Our mission is to unite and organize ourselves as empowered agribusiness women, always based on effective education, in order to contribute to the agricultural development of Puerto Rico.

Lorena Casado
Phone: (787) 725-3040
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Business development assistance for agriculture and related products such as food production. It has three types of business incubators: for value added products, points of sale, and agriculture.
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Ana Rodríguez
Inova Caguas PR 34,
Valle Tolima West Industrial Park (14.74 mi)
Caguas, PR 00725
Phone: (787) 447-2098


The Alianza de Comercio LGBTTQ + de Puerto Rico Inc. provides commercial assistance and support for the variables of the LGBTTQ + communities in Puerto Rico and serves as a business development resource center for these communities and their allies.
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San Juan, PR 00915
Phone: (787) 410-6020
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Alianza de Incubación de Microempresas Comunitarias y Solidarias (AIMECS)

AIMECS is an organization that gathers community micro-business incubators in Puerto Rico with the purpose of eradicating poverty through economic development and the creation of jobs, microenterprises and a new culture of supportive business self-management.

Ángel Cortés
PO BOX 686
Caguas, PR 00726-0686
Phone: (787) 360-4626
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Alianza Desarrollo Comunitario Inc.

Alianza Desarrollo Comunitario Inc. helps youth, adults and the elderly of the communities to be the protagonists of their lives and decisions through economic, cultural, recreation and sports activities. Incubadora de microempresas enfocada en promover las herramientas para la autogestión y el desarrollo de microempresas. Business Incubation Program where participants are provided with business workshops, advice and support so that they can establish their business idea.

Victor Hugo Rivera
Phone: (787) 800-4812
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Alianza Pro Desarrollo Económico de Ceiba (APRODEC)

Non-profit community-based organization focused on promoting the integral and sustainable development of communities in Ceiba, Naguabo, Fajardo, Vieques, and Culebra.
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Manuel Martinez
PO BOX 977
Ceiba, PR 00735
Phone: (787) 354-6188
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