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Levanta Tu Negocio PR

Levanta Tu Negocios PR is an initiative of organizations in the business ecosystem aimed at supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in all sectors. This initiative arises after the impact of Hurricane Maria so that all sectors could take the necessary actions. This initiative is made up of professionals and businessmen who have united their knowledge and capabilities in order to support business development in Puerto Rico. It includes gathering data on the needs of businesses around the Island, guidance on the resources available to support them and how to access them, as well as efforts to identify other ways to help lift the business sector.

We recognize the importance of the business sector in the economic development of the country and we intend to direct efforts that will benefit the entrepreneurs and the success and continuity of their businesses. Together by collaborating we can achieve a more prosperous, stable, secure and sustainable Puerto Rico.

The survey is at:

For the benefit of all entrepreneurs, we share the FEMA Manual on the effects of earthquakes on companies and tools to mitigate such risks, the Guide for Families and Businesses for the Preparation for the Danger of an Earthquake by the State Agency for the Management of Emergency and Disaster Management and an Earthquake Preparedness list for Companies by the Resiliency and Business Innovation.